When you have been smoking regular cigs, you’re used to light a standard cigarette. An electric cigarette can seem complicated. Some e-cigarettes require technical knowledge to handle them wisely. However, if you want to start electronic smoking, a simple e-cigarette that is easy to use is probably enough. After using the electric cigarette for some time, you will get used to it, just like regular smoking. There are, however, some differences compared to a standard cigarette. 

The battery of the electric cigarette needs to be charged. How often this should happen depends on the battery’s capacity and how much you use your e-cigarette. For example, if you smoke about 10 regular cigarettes per day, a battery with a capacity of 900mAh should be sufficient to smoke electric all day. How long it takes to charge a battery fully also depends on the capacity. A 900mAh battery takes about 3 hours to charge fully.

The clearomizer is a durable part of the electric cigarette. These tanks are resistant to e-liquid and can be used a lot if they have a replaceable coil/atomizer.

The coil/atomizer is the part with the piece of fabric and the glow coil. This part has to be replaced after some time because the piece of fabric that the e-liquid absorbs becomes saturated. The duration depends on the type of liquid, which substance is used and the number of volts delivered to the coil/atomizer. On average, a coil lasts about three weeks. Is the taste of your electric cigarette off, or does your e-cigarette no longer give off as much vapour as before? You may need to replace your coil/atomizer. 


If you’re not looking to invest too much and like to try vaping, consider a closed-system pod unit, like the STLTH or JUUL. These non-intimidating devices are ideal for current smokers dipping their feet into the vape pool without the higher costs. These non-refillable, portable, covert units are designed to feel as similar to a cigarette as possible. The pre-filled pods are extremely convenient to change out, and are reasonably priced for a closed pod system. These devices weren’t designed with regular vapers in mind, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for them in your collection. They are very low-key and easy to use but satisfy those cravings when you can’t easily use our typical vape setup, like at a party. Closed pod systems can be ideal in those situations.